“Spetscommunstroy” (SCS) is one of the leading construction companies in Kazakhstan with more than 65 years of experience, acquired by Gateway group in the year 2012, for which the activities include;

  • Engineering services: design, consulting, technical control of construction, Project Management, Construction Management
  • Logistics & Supplier Management of pipes, ferro-concrete, concrete parts, closing armature, facilities and other building &construction materials
  • Construction of concrete and ferro-concrete parts.
  • Construction of pipe lines of steel, cast-iron, polyethylene, ferro-concrete, fiberglass pipes, diameter 25-2000 mm
  • Erection of water, sewerage, heating, ventilation, conditioning, electric systems and networks (external and internal)
  • Erection of prefabricated steel structures buildings
  • Construction of roads
  • Construction of fiber optic cable lines
  • Construction of pump stations, water treatment stations
  • Construction & building of ferro-concrete reservoirs, capacity 50-6000 м3
  • Construction & building of civil, industrial premises, shelters, warehouses, pump house buildings
  • Pipe rack works, electrical, welding, mechanical, instrumentation and installation works
  • Earth, concrete works, infrastructure, drainage, pilings works
  • Transportation services and excavation services, cranes
  • Supply & delivery of the qualified manpower and technical personnel

Gateway's EPM division wins Engineering contract from Dragon Oil. Gateway to build and install Gas Treater plants for Petrogas.
Gateway installs new Digital Multichannel Telephone and Fax lines in Almaty office. You can now use our automated Voice Gateway at: +7 727 3561000
Gateway & SEWON have started developing new yard in Aktau, Kazakhstan.
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